Writing is a strange process. Short story or novel, an idea is birthed, then there is a flurry of activity as the story whispers and whispers until it is executed on paper, or on the computer screen but the story must come out. Characters interact and writing madness descends! Well, it does for me. Editing, publishing and then … the horrible thought that people might not like your work. It might not be well received. I suppose any art form is open to critique but the cloak of bravery is thin, especially when the story is meaningful. As a writer, that cloak must be worn. Some call it a suit of armour. With Koala Rescue, I think of it as a warm cloak. It is easier to hide behind the cloak as I am writing for my extended family and also for a ’cause’ where passion is a priority. As adults, we can model this bravery for children, as we encourage them to step outside their comfort zones, or be a risk-taker … where, well, it just isn’t comfortable!

Anyway, I wanted to write this to you, dear reader, so you can glimpse my joy when I received this Facebook message from ‘Australia’s favourite novelist’, Monica McInerney. Monica writes a warm congratulations and a delightful message. I’m thrilled she has taken an interest in Koala Rescue and has written about my fledgling project with such grace.