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From Glasgow 2021 to daily koala care

Hello Dear Readers,

As I type this post, the Glasgow Climate Change Conference is underway. Our chosen world leaders are expected to commit to limit greenhouse gas emissions, hopefully keeping the temperature rise to no more than 1.5 degrees C. It is an exciting time when we can work  together to embrace science, technology and innovation to phase out coal power. Climate changes impact even the smallest of organisms. Preserving and assisting our intricate, fragile ecosystem requires shared vision, strong leadership and individual passion. With so many species around the world impacted by rapid climate change, conservation biologists conduct vulnerability assessments and recommend management strategies. This includes our beloved koalas; they are vulnerable to extinction.

Tiny Franklin

From the large picture to the small and practical, this month, I have been visiting Kerry, Wildlife Nurse SA who has already nursed six joey koalas in her intensive care unit at her home. This means around the clock feeds, weighs, warmth and care. Kerry is assisted by 1300Koalaz and the support of the public. Please look up Kerry, and 1300Koalaz on their Facebook pages and show them some support. Once the joeys are strong enough, they are passed to another carer, where they can grow and practise climbing skills (and all things koala) before they are eventually released.

©Wildlife Nurse SA: Joey Koala


Cleland Wildlife Park and Koala Life

Hello dear Readers,

Cleland Wildlife Park, Adelaide, Australia is a spacious outdoor park and great fun to visit, especially in winter as the animals are active in the cooler weather.  It was lovely to walk around the large grounds and see the children feeding the animals in natural habitat. Despite the rain, many families stayed on for lunch, either outdoors or inside the warm cafe. There is something magical about being outdoors and Cleland is a relaxing space to be in. I took a peek at the new Koala Life exhibit space, which is under construction and I can’t wait to see it what it looks like when it is finished.

Casanova, the wombat, enjoying his brunch.

I even managed to carve out time to write a short story whilst keeping warm by the fire inside the cafe.  I made some new friends today (big and small!) and restocked the Koala Rescue book in the gift shop.  I have yearly membership to the park, so will be back to visit soon, and I hope to see you there, too! Please come and say Hello!

Three in a tree.

Emu encounters in the back paddock.

Koala Enclosure


Hello dear Readers!

How exciting! I have received on-line reviews from readers in Germany, and the USA. I am so grateful for the time and consideration taken to leave a review. I love hearing from you, too, so please feel free to send me a message. There is now a copy of the Koala Rescue Book in the picturesque Mill Valley Public Library, California. Thank you very much to Gwen, who kindly requested a copy for the families in her local community. It is wonderful to have global support and love for our koalas.

A surprise review!

Thank you for your review, Sherry.

A message from Monica McInerney

Wild Koala Day

Today is Wild Koala Day. Today is a reminder that everything is connected and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. So, here are some suggestions for you to consider:

Wild Koala at Myrtleford, Vic

Sign a Petition.

Plant a tree.

Request a wildlife crossing.

Write to a politician.

Donate to your favourite registered wildlife charity.

Book a nature tour.

Koala Rescue book

Read a book.

Go for a walk in a national park.

Give thanks for the joy in nature.

Wild Koala at Mount Lofty

Donation to the Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital

Hello Dear Readers,

Have you been following the Koala Rescue book Facebook page? If so, you will already know that a donation from the proceeds of sales went to the Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital to support the wonderful work of the staff and volunteers. The hospital is located centrally in Adelaide, and provides diagnostics, treatment and support for all of our wildlife rescue groups and wildlife carers. You might like to read more about the Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital and make a donation on behalf of your family.

Seventeen local libraries in Adelaide ordered a copy of the Koala Rescue Book for their shelves, and I am grateful for their support.   You can request a copy of the Koala Rescue book for your library; speak to your friendly local librarian.

The Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital

A perfect outdoor enclosure.

Time for medication.

Books for Libraries

Books for South Australian Libraries.



Hard covers are back in stock

Just in time for Easter!

Hello dear Readers,

I have a limited number of Koala Rescue hardcovers available to purchase through this website. You can still place an order through on-line stores but if you would like a signed copy, please order from my cart on this website.

By Olivia

I have been busy of late so have not checked the website for a while. What a wonderful and welcome surprise! Thank you to the lovely people who have written a review of Koala Rescue or send photos.

There is still time to buy a book in March. Monies raised will be donated at the end of March to the Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital. Thank you for supporting our hospital. The hospital runs on donations and all funds received help the vets and carers continue their important work. You can also make a donation directly to the hospital via the above link. Watching koalas return to the wild lights up my heart. What lights up yours?

Fresh Leaf

The Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital


Support Kangala Wildlife Rescue this Australia Day Weekend

Hello Dear Readers,

Have you heard of Kangala Wildlife Rescue? Kangala Wildlife Rescue was formed in response to the Black Summer bushfires and is based on Kangaroo Island, Australia.

Jared, Lisa, Saskia and Utah are the Karran family. Since the first day of the fires, they were out rescuing wildlife, including over 100 koalas, kangaroos, wallabies and possums. The Karran family are devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife on their property. You can follow them on their webpage, and on social media Instagram. This National Holiday weekend, I’d like people to donate to the kind and dedicated Australian family of Kangala Rescue. If everyone donates even a small amount, even  $5.00, the total effect will be great.  $5.00 will help provide feed for the kangaroos or buy bandages for the koalas. You can donate via a link on the Kangala webpage, or via the Go Fund Me page.

Remember to check in with current news on my Facebook page.  Scientists are currently studying the impact of fire on Kangaroo Island and I think it is important to strengthen our resources for the future. I believe in, and support Kangala. Will you?


Happy New Year 2021 Discount Coupon

Hello Dear Readers,

Koala in Care

10% off the Koala Rescue book!  I have received enquiries about posting Koala Rescue overseas. I can organise this and so, to celebrate the start of 2021, please use the coupon code fbg5wrmn to receive a discount. This coupon be used repeatedly until the 30th January. Once you are in the cart, enter the coupon code then click apply a coupon. Remeber to enter your shipping address, including your country so I can post Koala Rescue to you. My website accepts PayPal.  Please note, I can still make a donation to wildlife organisations even with this discount.  Sept-December’s donation went to supporting  1300Koalaz.  I will be supporting the Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital this round.

If Paypal does not suit, you can still order the Koala Rescue book through sites such as Amazon, or Booktopia.  Or, you are welcome to contact me on my email.  Thank you for reading the Koala Rescue story.  Did you know it has been accepted into the National Library, under the children’s literature and reference section? I’m thrilled about that! Thank you for making a product choice that supports our wildlife as well as the dedicated and caring people who rescue and rehabiltate our animals.

Coupon Code: fbg5wrmn

Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital – craft group quilt

Off to a school in Taiwan!

Christmas 2020

Thank you to the wonderful coffee shop, book stores, toy shop, wildlife parks, newsagents, authors, library staff and of course, the circle of many friends who are supporting the Koala Rescue book. Thank you, also, to those who chose to buy the Koala Rescue book by simply seeing it on the shelf. It has been a difficult year for everyone globally, and to participate in a community project, by raising funds and awareness for our wildlife, has brought unexpected delight and surprises. I am humbled by the dedicated eco warriors, researchers, those big of brain and those generous of heart; not mutually exclusive!

Fluffy Ears, spotted on tour with Kangaroo Island Odysseys

I wish you all a Merry and blessed Christmas and of course, good health in 2021.

60%of proceeds to 1300Koalaz

Today I met with Dee, from 1300Koalaz. As wildlife lovers, we chatted about the bushfire effort, recovery, as well as koala rescue, rehab and release. Dee kindly allowed me to meet Indy, a rescue koala who had come to the vet for a check up of her broken wrist. Indy is healing so well that she will be released very soon. You can follow 1300Koalaz on Facebook and watch a video of Indy’s release, as well as see photographs of many of the other koalas in care.

Sniff sniff

Indy gets a check over from the Vet

Indy, a rescue koala

Indy, a Rescue koala


Thanks to you, dear readers, I was able to donate 60% of the proceeds from the first three months of sales of the Koala Rescue book. I was delighted to make this donation to support the care of our beautiful Australian wildlife. This wouldn’t be possible without your support.



Koala Rescue book


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