Hello dear Readers,

Cleland Wildlife Park, Adelaide, Australia is a spacious outdoor park and great fun to visit, especially in winter as the animals are active in the cooler weather.  It was lovely to walk around the large grounds and see the children feeding the animals in natural habitat. Despite the rain, many families stayed on for lunch, either outdoors or inside the warm cafe. There is something magical about being outdoors and Cleland is a relaxing space to be in. I took a peek at the new Koala Life exhibit space, which is under construction and I can’t wait to see it what it looks like when it is finished.

Casanova, the wombat, enjoying his brunch.

I even managed to carve out time to write a short story whilst keeping warm by the fire inside the cafe.  I made some new friends today (big and small!) and restocked the Koala Rescue book in the gift shop.  I have yearly membership to the park, so will be back to visit soon, and I hope to see you there, too! Please come and say Hello!

Three in a tree.

Emu encounters in the back paddock.

Koala Enclosure