Today I met with Dee, from 1300Koalaz. As wildlife lovers, we chatted about the bushfire effort, recovery, as well as koala rescue, rehab and release. Dee kindly allowed me to meet Indy, a rescue koala who had come to the vet for a check up of her broken wrist. Indy is healing so well that she will be released very soon. You can follow 1300Koalaz on Facebook and watch a video of Indy’s release, as well as see photographs of many of the other koalas in care.

Sniff sniff

Indy gets a check over from the Vet

Indy, a rescue koala

Indy, a Rescue koala


Thanks to you, dear readers, I was able to donate 60% of the proceeds from the first three months of sales of the Koala Rescue book. I was delighted to make this donation to support the care of our beautiful Australian wildlife. This wouldn’t be possible without your support.