Hello from peaceful Kangaroo Island.

I have been blessed to meet Nikki Redman, photographer, and a wildlife tour operator for Kangaroo Island Odysseys. My son and I went on the Road to Recovery tour with Nikki yesterday. I recommend the tour. It is suitable for Australians as well as those visiting from overseas. We covered the macroscopic to the microscopic and crammed a lifetime of memories into one day. Time passed quickly.

Nikki showed us her Kangaroo Island and we witnessed the blue/green growth sprouting vigorously from the charred trees. This is epicormic growth. Terrific word; thanks Nikki. Nature is regenerating the western end of the island. Koalas and wildlife can not eat this new growth as it is toxic and designed to protect the tree as it regrows. Eventually, the tree will recover enough to be a food source. Nikki explained the importance of planting trees suitable for the location and wildlife.

Nikki also showed us the microscopic; tiny plants, trees and flowers, including the beloved banksias. Everything is there!

We visited KI Odysseys’ private property, unscathed by fire, and within minutes found many koalas, joeys and goannas. Our hearts were filled with joy. The island will indeed recover, and the next generation will learn improved ways of managing our precious environment.
We visited many beautiful beaches, some hidden and saw the magic of the seal colonies. We learned the history of the island, the importance of fungi and a lot about the echidna! And many other animals, too. Nikki is a wonderful KI ambassador and a beautiful Australian. We are proud to know you, Nikki.