Koala Rescue Hardcover


  • Hardcover
  • 34 pages
  • Full-colour interior
  • Limited edition

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Meet Jess. Jess is a small koala with a big heart. What will Jess do when a ferocious bushfire threatens her home? Who will come to help? Will the bush ever be the same?

As reviewed by The Lighthouse Toyshop: Instagram: @the_lighthouse_toyshop “Today’s favourite book is Koala Rescue written by local Adelaide author Kirsty Parkinson, illustrated with uplifting images taken by photographers during the past cataclysmic summer. Kirsty has woven a tale of survival and hope highlighting the important work of the amazing people involved in the rescue and recovery efforts, with part proceeds from the book going to these hardworking wonderful organisations. Koala Rescue is truly a book with heart.”

Available in hardcover, for your family to keep.


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