Hello Dear Readers,

Have you heard of Kangala Wildlife Rescue? Kangala Wildlife Rescue was formed in response to the Black Summer bushfires and is based on Kangaroo Island, Australia.

Jared, Lisa, Saskia and Utah are the Karran family. Since the first day of the fires, they were out rescuing wildlife, including over 100 koalas, kangaroos, wallabies and possums. The Karran family are devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife on their property. You can follow them on their webpage, and on social media Instagram. This National Holiday weekend, I’d like people to donate to the kind and dedicated Australian family of Kangala Rescue. If everyone donates even a small amount, even  $5.00, the total effect will be great.  $5.00 will help provide feed for the kangaroos or buy bandages for the koalas. You can donate via a link on the Kangala webpage, or via the Go Fund Me page.

Remember to check in with current news on my Facebook page.  Scientists are currently studying the impact of fire on Kangaroo Island and I think it is important to strengthen our resources for the future. I believe in, and support Kangala. Will you?